Daniel Scholz:

Drummer, Teacher, Autor

Daniel is working as Educator, Autor, Composer and, of course, as a Drummer. His Hometown is Hamburg, Germany. „As many young Drummers i started my career in my mothers Kitchen, drumming on Pans. At the Age of five i recieved my first drum lessons. Playing different styles of music is very important to me.“ 

Daniel has  been working with:

Michael Wagner (Nashville, USA. Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Ozzy...)
Andrija Tokic (USA)
a tribute to Weather Report (Jazzrock, Germany)
Wolvespirit (Psychedelic Rock, Germany)
Time Rag Department (Swing, Berlin)
Rafiki (Skapunk, Germany)
The Happy Franconians (Los Angeles, USA)
Städt. Theater (Arnstadt, Germany)
Jonny Bix Bongers (Hamburg)